Why Choose SNC for Spay Neuter?

We are the dominant provider for spay neuter in the region and industry experts...

Every time you use our services or refer someone to Spay Neuter Charlotte, you not only get great care for your pets, you save money AND you help save the lives of thousands of animals right here in your own community.

At Spay Neuter Charlotte, you can expect:

  • High quality, affordable spay or neuter surgery
  • Veterinarians you know and trust
  • Complete pre-surgical exam
  • Veterinary consultation regarding any special concerns
  • Pre-surgical sedation and anesthesia
  • Overnight hospitalization for cats and recovery stay at no additional cost
  • Free follow-up care
  • No hidden costs
  • Referral services available for any pet-related questions you may have
  • Basic medical services at a lower cost (vaccines and testing)
  • Low cost doctor consultation on wellness days


Why Choose Wellness Plus

In an effort to enable all pet owners to provide care for their dog or cat Spay Neuter Charlotte offers basic wellness services and consultations at our Pineville and Lake Norman clinics and expanded veterinary services at the clinic in Charlotte (224 W. 32nd Street). At any location you can schedule a visit with one of our veterinarians or you can schedule an appointment for vaccines and testing without an office visit. Wellness Plus offers:

  • High quality, affordable complete examinations by licensed veterinarians 5 days a week in the Charlotte clinic and on Fridays in Pineville and Lake Norman.
  • Veterinarians you know and trust
  • Drop off appointments for annual wellness exams on Mondays
  • Veterinary consultations regarding a special concern
  • Diagnosis and treatment of issues that your pet may experience at an affordable cost
  • Referral services available