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(If your pet is over 6 years of age, the pre-op blood work is required for the safety of your dog or cat. This test can be done at the clinic week before your pet’s surgery)
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(If not, this shot is required by the state of NC and can be given the day of the surgery. If yes, you will need to present the paperwork that shows when and where the shot was given on the day of the surgery.)
Additional Services Pricing (select any one or more of the below services):
 Rabies vaccine ($10)  Distemper/parvo (dog) ($10)  Bordetella to prevent kennel cough (dog) ($15)
 Microchip ($25)  Heartworm test (dog) ($15)  E Collar ($10) (highly recommended)
 Cat Leukemia Vaccine ($15)  FIV/Leukemia Combo Test (Cat) ($25)  Distemper/upper respiratory (cat) vaccine ($10)
 Nail Trimming ($5)  Rabies - 3 years ($20)    
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Please provide a response for the field(s) indicated above.

Due to the fact that feline panleukopenia (also known as distemper) is very prevalent currently in the area, we are advising distemper vaccinations prior to scheduling your spay and neuter surgery. The distemper vaccine is $15 and can be scheduled on a wellness day at either our North Davidson or Pineville clinic. (North Davidson offers wellness on Mondays and Wednesdays. Wellness is offered in Pineville on Fridays.)

If you opt not to get the distemper vaccine, you will have to sign a waiver declining the vaccine. Please know and understand that you are putting your cat's life at risk by not vaccinating for this deadly disease!

Please be aware that if your dog weighs more than 50 pounds, there will be a small additional fee. This fee does not apply to surgeries that are underwritten by PetSmart (Happy Neuter Year and Primp Your Pit).